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Kittens :  Next litters in 2020

Have on eye on planning above

Next litters in 2020 :

2  boys were born 30th May 2020 :

Norlids Tindra

(Seal Point)

  Lenih-Taéh du Ktema Noir (Seal Tabby Point)



Rocambole du Ktema Noir

4 weeks - Seal Tabby

Rigoletto du Ktema Noir

4 weeks- Seal Tabby



1 boy and 1 female were born 12th  June, they could be Seal or Seal Tabbies Point.



Ombelle de la Brunerie

(Seal Tabby Point)

Lenih-Taéh du Ktema Noir

(Seal Tabby Point)











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