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The Birman


Sacré de Birmanie

Birman is a cat with mysterious origins. Some say that they came from Asia where they are wonderful stories of cats living in temples, while others believe that it owes it existence to crossing concocted by French breeders. This cat is probably of French origin, a cross between a Persian and a Siamese.


Northeast of Birma (now Myanmar), near the Chinese border, lived a monastic congregation, “the Kittahs” renowned for his wisdom and faith to the great god Song Hio and sapphire eyed goddess Tsun-Kyan-Ksé.

Among these monks, one of them was particularly respected Mun Hà . Whith him, lived Sinh, a cat with yellow golden eyes, whose ears, nose and the end of the legs were the color of the ground, as if to symbolize the impurity of all that touches the ground, and in the monastery all the monks had a cat.


Mun Hà, very old, very tired, had decided to wait for death and knelt in prayer to the goddess Tsyn Kyan-Ksé, Sinh the cat, following the example of his master, refused all food, refused any drink. Mun Hà died one night to the despair of all Kittahs gathered arount the old monk.

Suddenly, Sinh the cat, a leap perched on the head of his master collapsed, his master for the first time, had stopped to fix the eyes of the goddess Tsun-Kyan-Ksé, Sinh froze in front of the statue hieratic position at that time, his hair turned golden yellow, like the golden body of the goddess, his eyes became yellow gold blue and deep as the blue eyes of the goddess Tsun-Kyan-Ksé.

Sinh died seven days later in the same pose he had taken at the time of the death of his master, in front of the goddess, his eyes in the eyes of the latter, taking the soul of his master loved to Tsun Kyan-Ksé.




Few days later, ready assembled to elect the successor of Mun Hà, saw the 100 cats come running from the temple. All without exeption, were dressed in gold, wearing white gloves, yeloow eyes took a sapphire, the same color as those of the goddess.


Is more likely that the Birman, of French origin, either from is a mating between a Persian and a Siamese with white gloves.

It’s existence appears in the 20th century and the first show is present in Birman in 1926, this cat was seal point color.

Unfortunately, few Birman have survived the war. In 1957, antoher color of Birman appeared, the blue oint, in French show. Then through the work of differents breeders, other colors appeared, the tabby, tortie, chocolate and his dilute the lilac, the red and his dilute the cream.

How is it?

Birman has a very smooth look, with a majestic attitude, semi-long fur silky, satin and dense.

His fur requires a weekly brushing and daily during moulting in the spring, a grooming not too binding.

Its colors are very attractive in color point, a nice contrast between the mask ans fur color point, and the blue of his eyes as dark as possible.

It’s also very specific with his white gloves on all fours legs and, the peculiarity of this breed requires spurs on their hind legs that fo back V-shaped.


Birman establishes a relationship with his owner very emotional and true, it follows him everywhere.This is a player cat to old age.

It’s very easy to live with him, and socialize with other cats very quickly. It’s a model of kindness and affection. Birman has exquisite manners and attitudes very distinguished, elegant cat per excellence. It’s a quiet cat, no exuberant with a melodious voice and knows very well be understood.