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Birth of a passion.

I have always lived with so-called “house cats”. Then, when I was a teenager, I received birthday present, a book on cats. And there I fell in love with the Sacred of Birman or Birmans Cat. A dream which became reality  28 years later. What patience! My husband offer me my first Sacred Birman : a Chocolate Point male with beautiful blue deep eyes.

We continued with shows, and so began my passion for the Sacred of Birman and my desire to begin a birman family breeding in the Rhône-Alpes region near LYON.

I was encouraged and supported by friends breeders, each in their own way guided me towards my choices and allowed me to acquire some notions about this breed so complicated to breed, but oh so devouring passion!

Chatterie du Ktèma Noir
Chatterie du Ktèma Noir

Indeed, to present a Sacred Birman or Birman Cat in an international show, the white glove is not enough. Your cat must have a symmetrical white glove between the front and back gloves, have good fur and have the darkest blue eyes possible (almost sapphire).

The cat must be massive, with a Roman nose, well placed ears and a silky mid-length coat. And in addition, The Sacred Burma must be perfectly groomed!

The Sacred of Birman can be, like the Siamese very talkative, he is endowed with a soft voice, which knows how to be understood. He is an easy to train intelligent cat who knows how to adapt to all kinds of situations. The goal of our family breeding at the Ktema Noir cattery is to make known the Sacred race of Birman, this splendid feline, by is beauty but also by its playful and affectionate temperament. The Birman is a very attached cat, very loyal to his human, therefore very close to the members of his human family, we even speak of “cat-dog”, the Sacred of Birman is very present.
The goal of our breeding is also to try to give birth to very beautiful kittens. For this we select the parents according to the characteristics of the breed and thus comply with the standard of the Sacred of Birman. We present our Birmans to beauty contests “International Show”, to be seen and recognized by competent international judges.

We are concerned about the well-being of our future kittens, who live with us so that they are perfectly socialized. Birmans kittens are all holders of a Loof pedigree, vaccinated and identified by microchip. They join their new adopted family when they are 11 or 12 weeks old. The colors of our kittens can be Seal, Blue, Chocolate or Lilac Point or Tabby Point.

Chatterie du Ktèma Noir
Chatterie du Ktèma Noir

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